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Renewable energy is now becoming cheaper than fossil fuel. That means it’s time to start paying attention to investment opportunities in solar and wind companies. Not only are increasingly more firms showing concern about cleaning the environment, but they’re also adopting more efficient spending, which is what Wall Street likes to see. Here are three key green stocks to watch for the future.


Although SunPower has had a rough ride in recent years due to enormous losses from burning quickly through cash, it has a chance for a solid turnaround if it can capitalize on its high-efficiency solar panels. The problem is the company faces lower-efficiency panel makers that offer lower costs. SunPower has overspent on trying to compete with lower prices per watt, which partly explains why the stock has fallen 80 percent the past three years. The company is banking on manufacturing partnerships and larger more efficient “A-Series” panels.

Enphase Energy (NASDA@: ENPH)

Another company in turnaround mode is Enphase Energy, which nearly crumbled away a few years ago due to failure to compete in the module-level power electronics space. Part of its deal to acquire SunPower’s microinverter business is to serve as a supplier for SunPower. Another move Enphase has taken toward recovery has been to add more partners, such as Panasonic, which has introduced a new line of AC Series solar modules. Now that the company has paid off a $39.5 million term loan, it can focus on developing its module-level power electronics aimed at the global market. Premium panel manufacturers see Enphase Energy’s microinverters as superior to options, so the company is poised to deliver high-end products to quality manufacturers.

Pattern Energy (NASDAQ: PEGI)

As a company in transition toward growth, Pattern Energy has made acquisitions and raised its dividend to attract new investors. Consequently, it now faces higher interest rates. The firm’s finances have tightened as a result, making it more challenging to raise capital. While the company appears to have turned the corner and is pointed toward growth, it’s still far from where it needs to be financially. Pattern needs to increase its cash flow per share without adding substantially more liabilities to its balance sheet. The stock will then be in a better position for growth.