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If you’re interested in helping to grow the green energy sector and make some money while doing so, you can put the sun to work for you while getting a decent return on your investment. Long gone are the days when then the only way to make money of renewable energy was to install solar panels on your home and sell the excess power back to the grid. Now you can choose from various opportunities available through renewable energy investment funds. These funds can make money either by investing in existing plants or raising funds to finance new plants. The one thing that most these funds have in common is that they all aim for dividend income or yields of around 6 or 7 per cent, significantly more than what you could expect from a cash or investment Isa. Like with any investment, exact return percentages cannot be guaranteed, however. But if you’re interested in getting in on this burgeoning industry, here are a few current renewable energy investment options. Just remember to always do your own research before jumping into any investment.

NextEnergy Solar Fund

Launched in April 2014, NextEnergy Solar invests in both existing solar facilities and sites in progress. According to its Information Document, it’s expected annual dividend is 6.3 percent for its moderate scenario. This fund currently owns over 40 operational solar power facilities across Britain.

Foresight Solar Fund

Targeting an increasing annual dividend of around 6 percent, Foresight Solar holds facilities across UK and Australia. Unlike other solar funds, they don’t build their own but buy facilities once they’re operational or near completion. Their 2017 annual dividend was 6.32 per cent.

Renewables Infrastructure Group

Run by InfraRed Capital, RIG invest in renewable energy assets across the UK, Ireland, France and parts of Northern Europe with a strong focus on solar and wind infrastructure. They’ve been averaging around 6 per cent annual dividend rate with a long-term goal of 8 to 9 per cent.

Greencoat UK Wind

If you’re specifically interested in investing in wind power over broader renewables, Greencoat UK Wind may be for you. With an exclusive focus on investing in onshore and offshore UK wind farms and 35 locations in their portfolio, they’ve been generating a growing return on investment that reached 6.76 per cent in 2018.